Wednesday, March 5, 2008

There's just something about Virgin Atlantic's

Premium Economy! :)

I don't think I'll ever be the type to actually purchase a $10000 business class ticket (EVER - we get them at Agent Discount Rates - hehe), but I see myself buying premium economy. And with Virgin Atlantic (VS to us travel agents)'s premium economy service, that gives you THE works and THE perks of flying Premium with them, I can so sell them all the time.

Imagine the Space. 21 full inch worth of personal space. Seat pitch is 38 inches with an additional two degrees recline. Purple Leather seats (you dont have to be a purple fan to appreciate this). All the new technology put into this seat to make flying PREMIUM comfortable.

Imagine the inflight dining experience. Preflight drinks, three meal choices, dessert, and postmeal wine.

Pure Premium Virgin Atlantic experience such as :

..Dedicated Premium Economy Check In, if you haven't already checked in online and dedicated bag drop.
..Priority boarding and priority disembarkment.
..On the plane you can relax into your seat with a pitch of 38 inches.
..Preflight drink.
..A complimentary newspaper.
..A personal seatback TV offering the latest blockbuster movies, the hottest TV shows, video games and up to 14 audio channels ranging from pop to classical.
..Devoted cabin crew to guarantee prompt and attentive service.
..A delicious menu served on china dinnerware accompanied by stainless steel cutlery.
..An after dinner liqueur.
..A selection of fruit from the fruit bowl.
..And when you land priority baggage reclaim.

I am just excited to visit London! Surely VS Premium economy will be the way for me! Have you tried them? I would like to know your thoughts.


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