Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Break

Everyone's got their own Easter tradition. Whether your family spends the whole day in solitude, or whether you travel to the beach to unwind and spend time with family, or whether you attend religious retreats. Each one may have their own way of celebrating Easter.

When I was younger my siblings and I used to take part in Easter egg hunts. When I was a bit older I was the one commissioned to make and decorate the eggs (boil, paint) and then hide them around the house. Sometimes we'd use chocolate eggs, only to find later on traces of ants because of unfound choco easter eggs!

We'd also travel to the province, passing through a number of churches to do the Way of the Cross. Ocassionally my family would go with a procession. Once we went to Clark ( a couple of hours away from Manila) to see people doing the traditional self-flagellation on Good Friday.

Being in Sydney, I actually haven't identified my personal tradition here. I guess because I don't have family here to spend it with, plus I've spent Easter back home three out of five times since I've lived here. One day I will be able to say. Oh, but last year hubby and I went to the Royal Easter Show at the Olympic Park! This year we are going again!! Hmm! Maybe a start of one tradition?

However or wherever you spent your Easter, I pray that you had a meaningful, solemn and relaxed time.

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