Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Learning about Fashion

I ask: can one learn everything about fashion, or is one born into fashion? Should one go and study fashion in a fashion school in California? Or should one just practice fashion to be able to learn what it is about? Whether you consider Paris Hilton a fashion icon, or you think Audrey Hepburn still holds the title most fashionable person of all times we are entitled to our opinion. But if one wants to know about the real fashion score, the ins and outs of the business, then one must start searching for good fashion schools in Los Angeles. As much as there are people who are born into fashion, this isn't the case for everyone. Sometimes if not oftentimes, one must study if one wants to specialize and do well in an industry. Most employers would look for a good qualification showing credentials from one of the best fashion schools in California. This makes a whole lot of difference to a prospective employer. This is at least in my opinion, if I were a businesswoman in the fashion industry.

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