Monday, August 22, 2011

Traveling back

Today I was talking to a friend, and somewhere along the conversation we ended up talking about the past. The what ifs, and other things. Sometimes we cannot really help but wonder about what our life would have been if we had taken a different path. It doesn't mean we want to change our present, but just like anyone else we wonder... Hmm.. Would we have done things any other way? Or, would we have chosen another career? What could we have done more of, better of? I guess the only thing I might have done otherwise is travel more. I don't think I would have opted for a singles holiday, but I wouldn't have minded to try traveling on my own. Perhaps gone on an adventure holiday of some sort. Or maybe even, gone on a working holiday around Europe, taken a gap year or two just to travel, travel and travel.

Once, before hubby and I got married, I wanted to go on a short trip away. Just me. I guess I wasn't that much of a risk taker, because I didn't pursue that. It was all just in my head to travel on my own. I am thinking out loud now and asking myself if my daughter when she turns 18 if I would allow her to travel on her own, or even go on a working holiday overseas ... if I should let her? I guess I wouldn't really have much of a choice though. If I keep her back she'd miss out on big experiences in life that would mold her into her future self.

Should I have just gone and travelled back then? Maybe.

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