Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sydney gets its first O2 bar

(Photo from here but image by: Glenda Kwek)

It's been a couple of months now since Sydney opened it's doors to the first Oxygen Bar! It's called Oxygen Bar Oxygen Station. I haven't tried this one myself yet, but I'm sure I would try it out the next time I have a visitor around. Although I am not quite sure how long the bar would last (just like the Ice Bar which was around Sydney a couple of years ago - but closed down). But then again, it is I think only meant to be around until end of July 2012.

The Oxygen Session costs about $1 for every minute which allows you a maximum of 15 minutes. I remember the last asthma episode my little girl had she was given an oxygen mask which really quite helped the quality of oxygen she breathed. I suppose this was pretty much the same effect that one could get at the bar. Obviously in a more relax and happier atmosphere with friends.

If you find yourself with 15 minutes and $15 to spare, I guess a visit to this place would be beneficial (well to most people anyway).

O2 BAR - Sydney
Shop FF08, Level 2
Harbourside Shopping Centre
Darling Harbour NSW 2000

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