Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gourmet Me

Super glad that I have been a bit more adventurous with my "sauces" the past couple of years. Thanks to my mother dear! She's always been the gourmet one in the family - the original one - my other sister has followed suit earlier on! .... Rockmelon wrapped with prosciutto, cheese drizzled with honey, and many more!

Last year when my parents visited Sydney, we went to the Orange Blossom Festival in the Hills District and there my mum bought this super yummy Raspberry Orange Caramelised Balsamic vinegar from the stall by Your Inspiration at Home. Since then I have been trying out more of the exotic salad dressings and every now and then I even try concocting my own! One of these days I must order a few of their other delish products!

Raising bilingual kids

I am pretty proud about our eldest being able to speak my mother tongue (Filipino). As young as one year old we taught her to speak Tagalo...