Monday, March 17, 2008

Are you a serious traveller?

Many of us say we love to travel.

But are we really cut up to be a serious traveller?

Do you opt to stick to eating Mcdonalds and Burger King when you are in another city, say Beijing?

Do you prefer to go to each and every shopping mall in the city over visiting the local museum or checking out the local park?

Do you prefer to stay stuck in the hotel room as soon as the sun sets, or do you have one glass of wine or beer outside across the street to see and possibly mingle with the local yuppies?

There is nothing wrong at all in being a certain type of tourist. I have learned in one of my Tourism PostGrad lectures that there are different types of tourists. And what makes us fall under a certain type depends on a lot of things.

Perhaps we are single and thus more leaning towards the road less travelled and a lot more sociable. Or we are part of a young family with two kids aged four and six, thus makes us more likely to stay within the conventional tourist areas doing the usual activities. Or maybe, we are more mature now, wanting a relaxed and slow paced tour going to places that we may have been to numerous times, but are just really after spending quality time with our partner.

So many reasons why we are the type of traveller that we are. So do you have what it basically takes to be a traveller? I have so long found out that I was born to be one.

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