Friday, February 27, 2015

Saving for THE trip

Especially during this trying time. One can only try to think up of ways to save. And be healthy!
Cut down on junk food and soft drinks.Not only would one get to save a about thirty dollars a month, but also lose a bit of tummy bulge to be able to get ready for that beach holiday.Approximate saving per month: $30.

Walk at least thirty minutes a day.If one lived within an easy walk to work, it is smart and healthy to get exercise. Walk either to work, or from work at least three times a week, or more if one is not pressed with time. A good way to cut transportation cost, save on petrol, and get that lazy bum to walk.Approximate saving per month: $40.

Drop your gym membership.One can easily save big bucks by getting into shape the economical way. One need not be a member of Fitness First, or Gold’s Gym or whatever. We’d only need to stick to our daily regimen of walking, jogging and we’d be keeping fit and losing weight in no time. Truly being healthy does not have to be expensive. It is better to use hard earned moolah towards a much deserved holiday.Approximate saving per month: $70.

Give your plastics a break. I know some people enjoy retail therapy so much, but revert to being stressed again once the credit card bill comes in. Really, one does not need a new pair of jeans, shirt, underwear, shoes every week. Perhaps indulge every other month or two, maybe. But not on a weekly basis.Approximate saving per month: $100.

Cook at home. Bring lunch to work. I don’t know anyone who does not appreciate home cooked meals. They are a lot cheaper to prepare, way healthier (without too much salt, or MSG, or other unhealthy ingredients that restaurants or fast food put into your meal). Aside from hubby appreciating your time spent cooking that delicious and healthy food, you get to save.Approximate saving per month: $250.

At the end of the month, if you’ve been good, imagine having an extra $500 to spend towards that dream holiday. I know not everyone may appreciate that weekend away over something material (eg, hotel and spa pampering versus new camera). However, if you are a travel buff like myself, you would think up ways to save up for that goal: holiday! Come to think of it, spending wisely leads to a healthy lifestyle as well. Now, it is just a matter of putting to action all these nice things! 

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