Thursday, November 27, 2014

Interestingly Galos

The concept of salt-iodine caves have been around since the year 2000. It's only recently that I have heard about it. The healing capabalities of the caves are still being tested, although it sure is a unique way to go for treatments. Galos caves offers an authentic sea micro climate on American soil.

There are a number of claims about the benefits when one undergoes treatment from the Galos caves. Some if them are: respiratory/rheumatic/ cardiovascular diseases. Apparently air,when seeped through salt stimulates the immune system. Galos caves are suitable for children as well as mature people. Rates per 45 minute session are from USD 15 per adult. Discounts for families or groups are available.

I would definitely be interested in trying a treatment. Who knows I could benefit from this type of treatment.

Galos Caves Open 7 days a week, 900hrs-2100hrs.
6501 West Irving Park Road Chicago Il 60634 USA

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