Saturday, September 24, 2016

She shed

I must have been living under the radar, as I have not come across the term "she shed" until today while watching this lifestyle show with my mum. And since watching the show I have been doing some pinning on lovely and cosy she sheds! How addicting can this get - checking out ideas for my very own 'woman cave'. I have a million and one ideas that surely would be over my future budget. But I can dream, and so that's free. I am thinking that aside from having my own nook, I can also invite some of the MusiciansFriends or my sisters to hangout when we need a break from our busy mum duties!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Yet to come

Patiently waiting, still, for the 'best times' as my fortune cookie read out many, many years ago (say, 5 years).

Sometimes life can throw out expectations (eg, the promise of better times). On the other hand, quotes such as these can also give hope to us dreamers.

One day when I am not too engrossed with waiting for the 'best times' is when I know that the 'best times' have arrived. I can't wait.

Oh, Adele!

Every once in a while I do go on this OCD of oggling at celebrities for a few days (and then it stops, hehe). It just is a way to unwind from my seemingly boring (but very busy) life. So the past few days have been about Adele! (haven't noticed if she had a pedalboard power supply or what) Her voice is amazingly phenomenal! There's something soothing about her voice and her songs. I am even listening to her songs as I write this entry! I am such a fan girl, hehe.

I actually even watched some interviews she gave, and she seems to be a nice and real down-to-earth person. Her life story being raised by a single mum in a working class suburb is inspiring too. She is an only child and watching her tell her story and her demeanor - it comes across how strong she is. She says that going on stage makes her nervous is unbelievable as during her interviews she looks very confident and candid.

Oh enough being a fan girl! I must get on to my other work!

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