Monday, September 16, 2013

One road too many

Sometimes life has a very strange way of presenting itself. At one point I had no option, no choice whatsoever. Then one year forward, I have one, two, too many options at hand. I am not complaining, at all. It just makes decision making more interesting and more challenging. I realise that when life presents too many fork roads ahead it is a test about priorities. Both roads will eventually lead to my goal anyway. It's a matter of weighing what matters to me now.
Two many options? .. Go back to the basics.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Heavy duty juicer

... that's all I want for Christmas (or, maybe, umm, one of the things I've been soooo wanting to get for a while now). I know I can choose to settle for a cheap no brand (or not so good brand) juicer. But I would really like something that would last us a long while without having any head aches - as I intend to put it to full good use. I've been drooling and dreaming of juice concoctions that I will come up with!

Hopefully hubby will ask me first what juicer I want as there are a dozen different types, kinds of juicers out there. Here is the winner for me....... a hefty $500 Breville machine :) The Juice Fountain Crush.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Seriously in need of a holiday. And I don't mean just any other break. I mean a long, serious holiday back home (and lots of sidetrips of course!). Last time I was in Manila was 2.5 years ago (Jan 2011) - and I am feeling burned out again. Emotionally more than physically. I remember telling myself when I went home in 2007 that I should go home at least every 1 to 1.5 years because my soul needs it more than anything - just to recharge myself with the strong facade I have to put up here... but I haven't been. Aside from the deep fact that we are still itching to go home temporarily on a long holiday (but due to responsibilities here this is unrealistic for another year at least).
My 2007 Manila trip

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Move

Okay, we have moved yet again. My little girl is as old as the number of times we've moved. Hopefully this will be the last move for this year because it can get really tiring. To add to that, it is financially and physically draining! With the onset of winter, this is not the best place we've had - with cold floor tiles and no central heating, I am anticipating a cold winter! One good thing though with any move, is the fact that it is a chance to re-decorate and re-think the clutter that was building up at the old place. At our new place we have a number of bare walls that can serve as a canvas to put up some new pictures, or perhaps a custom poster. The big decision now is which custom poster to use (visit the site to view our choices). We have a number of photos accumulated over the years which we are thinking of having blown up to put on the wall as well. Ones that are special to us.

Since coming to our new house our little girl has done numerous crafts that I am also thinking of putting on her own art wall to showcase her lovely creations! If only I was even half as creative as she is - I think she takes after her creative dad! While obviously we are trying our best to make our new place "homey" I am holding back on going all out as I know we won't be staying put that long. Sadly that is one of the things that is inevitable and I'm trying to think of it as a good thing now as well as a challenge! I am hoping though that the next big one will be to Manila and so I am open to that idea happening any time between now and tomorrow (I can wish can't I?). If only!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Booking the Winner

Today was another one for my books as a professional travel agent! I was organizing a travel incentive for one of my corporate clients' top salesperson's; a round the world trip with her family. A couple of weeks ago when I first learned that my client was going ahead and funding this incentive program, I was beyond ecstatic! I was already dreaming about the destinations I could possibly suggest to the winner - knowing the price would not be much of an issue. Now that I am liaising with the traveller, I am a bit disheartened by the fact that she is not a very pleasant person to deal with (and to think she is in sales!). You cannot imagine how stressful it is getting just speaking to her over the phone. Corresponding by email is not as bad, since I don't have to deal with her whining about her concerns that her San Francisco Airport Shuttle Service will not turn up on arrival, or that the shuttle to sfo will take so much longer and be more expensive than catching a cab (not that she's paying anyway). I have told her many times that the airport shuttle sfo companies I deal with are professional and reliable - I almost told her to just see products here at this link, but I held off. If she's that concerned I suppose she will look it up on her own anyhow.

I am glad that her partner is easier to speak with, and has the last say in booking their trip. Somehow I wish the partner would be my main contact person instead,it would make my life so much better. Perhaps I should suggest it to them!

I am just trying to concentrate on booking a great trip and giving my best service. After all they are visiting 3 of my most favourite cities in the whole wide world : New York, Paris and Singapore! I wish I was taking this trip myself!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bali dreaming

Lately I have been receiving a million enquiries for travel to Bali – and I would say it is the flavour of the month, again. Just like last month, and the month before.

Finding a good website that will incorporate a list for Bali hotels and Kuta hotels is not the easiest, especially with a picky traveller. Many times I have tried to source an exclusive Bali villa direct with the hotel supplier. However, I wish there would be one which would have it all in one place (oh the joys of being a travel agent!).

I have never been to Bali (yet) however having sold it for years, I feel I know it like the back of my hand but of course nothing beats the real thing. I am still hoping one day I would get to visit this lovely island I have been booking for so long now. I don’t think it will happen soon though, perhaps when my little girl is old enough (and the hubby’s outgrown the fear of flying – if that is even possible!). For now, I will just keep selling and learning about the popular destination.

I do have some of my favourite villas, resorts and hotels that I sell when I can or when appropriate to the client. With Bali being an affordable destination, it is not hard to sell at all.

If only I had the moolah to do it, I would build my own resort (villa type) that will cater for the honeymooners, the family, friends outing, corporate clients, team building activities, the single one, the mature couple, and the everyone in between. The idea is to have a number of villas spread out, beach front of course, with a stylish new bar by the private beach. Two swimming pools will be constructed, one for the ‘little ones’ and the other for the ‘little once’. Majority of the villas will still have their own private lap pool and Jacuzzi, and there is a masseuse on site, as well as a private chef for hire. The beach will have a number of water activities and sports available for hire, and an in house tour desk is available of course. If only I can build this and then I will have a lot of reasons to visit Bali. How exciting it is even just to dream about this.

Raising bilingual kids

I am pretty proud about our eldest being able to speak my mother tongue (Filipino). As young as one year old we taught her to speak Tagalo...