Saturday, March 15, 2008

A noteworthy Cruise booking website

Being a travel agent that I am, I am always watching out for great websites and great finds. However nowadays it is hard to find competent and creditworthy online sites. With so many scams going on in the travel industry, I am delighted to have come across Direct Line Cruises. The company's been in the industry for 12 years since 1995, and they've reached a respectable status of being a provider of good cruise deals online. They have developed their website to facilitate live cruise bookings.

I've experienced a lot of times when I am in a rut wanting to check real time availability. In the Travel Industry it is quite a big advantage when a website offers this facility, as it enables one to capture the booking right there and then. Imagine being able to book your dream cruise in an instant! Popular cruises they offer include: cruising Bermuda on Royal Carribbean Cruises, or expedition cruises to the Galapagos with Celebrity Cruises, or try freestyle cruising with Norweigan Cruise Line. Did you know that Norweigan Cruises Line has the youngest fleet on earth at the moment? Well, this means that state of the art facilities that Norweigan Cruise Line offers are very modern.

There are just so many people now discovering, enjoying and appreciating cruise travel. Travelling on ships used to be a thing of the past, when the past century travelled months to reach a destination. It was never something done at leisure but moreso because there were no alternatives. Now, in spite of air fares hitting all time low (soaring tax rates is another thing though) cruising is gaining popularity. I have always wanted to travel on a cruise to Alaska, Europe and Hawaii, or perhaps even go on a world cruise. Through Direct Line Cruises I am able to plan which cruise I want to take and check availability instantly. They even have very useful guides and information for first time cruise passengers. And what's even great is that travel insurance may be included in their cruise offers, at no cost! I would definitely visit their website when I have my dates and leave organised from work.

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