Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pinoy Food

I am missing a few things, scents, texture, sounds from the Philippines. I told myself I would not not go home every year, but I would not be travelling to Manila this December..... Made me think about the family gatherings I will be missing, friends I will miss seeing, tradition that I would not be experiencing, childrens' carols I won't be hearing, Christmas midnight mass, Noche Buena, Media Noche, Christmas traffic along Edsa, etcetera.

I've decided to surrender to sulking about missing my Pinoy delicacy. Here they are in order of taste bud recollection and memory.

1. Piaya = from Bacolod. I like them heated up in the microwave for half a minute. Bit warm. And crunchy.

2. Authentic Binagoongan = from any Pinoy resto. I remember eating it at C2 in Shangri-La (not sure if that resto still is there). Best with steamed rice. Yum.

3. Quickmelt Ensaymada = from Shangri-La. I am pretty sure it is still there (?!). Love taking a bite right after heating it up for a few seconds! Droool.

4. Teriyaki Boy's Chicken Teriyaki and Nasu Abura Itame = from Megamall. Oooh I think I am soo tempted to just fly to Manila anyway. Hmm.

5. Asado Siopao and Dumpling = from Shangri-La again. I am obviously an Ortigas baby! Yum, with that brown sauce for siopao and soy/lemon for dumpling.

6. Smokey's Hotdog/Cheesedog or Jolly Hotdog = from Jollibee. I am just wanting it right now. Hotdog on a stick.

7. Burger Machine burger = from my boyfriend's neighbourhood stand. Yum.

8. Jollibee Spaghetti with extra cheese = from where else, Jollibee Megamall. I am getting so hungry.

9. Lumpia Sariwa = from Goldilocks Megamall. I remember a lot of other yum goodies from Goldilocks!

The list can go on and on. I will stop here for now, before I am so tempted to book my flight back home. :D

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