Thursday, March 13, 2008

Life Lessons learned while Knitting

I took the night off from blogging last night to Knit! :)

It's been a few years since I've bought my knitting kit. I actually tried to start my scarf a few years ago. But I didn't get to finish it.

Yesterday I saw it in my closet, and picked it up again. Did an hour and a half of knitting. And while doing the craft a few thoughts ran in my head that one could relate to life in general.

Knitting vs. Life Lessons

1. Once in a while we get excited about trying something new, and then the interest fades. We forget about it. Then years later we remember how exciting it was, so we pick it up again and try again. We know may not finish the 'project' again, but then who knows this year we might finish that scarf!

-Sometimes we forget that we should enjoy our lives. When something happens we remember and then we enjoy it again. We slack again. And the cycle continues.

2. In the beginning, the first few rows that we knit are the hardest and most painful ones. The knitting needles prick your fingers. But after the fourth row or so, knitting is a breeze. Your fingers are not as stiff, and you are more relaxed.

-Same with life, the first few steps are the hardest. But when you've jumpstarted it then becomes a walk in the park.

3. In the beginning, you make tight stitches, only to realise that they are not meant to be too tight, otherwise it's harder to connect the stitches through.

-In life, we shouldn't bee to uptight. We should let loose and have fun otherwise we end up miserable.

4. In Knitting one can use as many colour threads as we want, doing our own pattern and our own style.

-Life should be a myriad of colours, there are no set rules as to how we should live our life. We decide that. How much fun we have, is in our hands.

5. Know when to call it a night. When your fingers are tired, and you feel you have done your best and are satisfied, it is time to putting the knitting needles down.

-Too much work is not healthy. Anything, even those that we enjoy doing, should be done in moderation.

I may not finish knitting my scarf again this time. But I know one day I will be able to finish that.


Constance Chan said...

i've tried knitting but not very successful at it.. the interest wades as i go along.. but its a good hobby really. knitting is so personal, the gift.

Gorgeoustraveller said...

Hi Constance! Yes, I agree! it really tests one's patience! I guess it's not for everyone...

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