Monday, March 3, 2008

Garonga Safari Camp - An oasis amidst Africa

I have always wanted to travel to Africa on a Safari. However I actually don't see myself being the type who would like to camp in total wilderness with creatures howling at night, or some other hissing animal sound. Today I have received an email at work about this newly opened (was opened in December 2007) accommodation called Little Garonga which is located at Makalali Conservancy in the Kruger National Park area. It's got only 14 beds, so it is intimate. You can choose between a tent room where its shower area is outside and you can shower under the stars if you wish, our you can have a suite such as the Hambleden Suite, which has its own private deck and pool! What would you choose? I guess its obvious which one I would have. But then again, with comfort and views comes a whopping price, AUD 855 per suite per night! And thats during lean season! Well, I would have to settle for the Tent at AUD 255 per person per night. Even this is quite costly. But then these rates include : All meals, coffee/tea, all drinks, game drives, bush walks, sleep out excursions, bush baths (this is interesting!), laundry. Well, its full board if I may say so it should be quite good.

I hope to be able to travel to Africa in style. Not now, but one day when I do my amazing world tour. When that will be? I suppose I won't be able to do it in the next year as I have so many plans. But surely for now I can dream. And hope that when I am ready to go that Little Garonga would still be there. Not quite new but definitely well tested. :) Haha!

PS. They actually are open to doing weddings at this venue! Interesting! Maybe photos will have giraffes sticking out their necks, or an elephant trying hard to keep its bum away from the photo frame! Cool!


Gorgeous Traveller said...

Thanks for the tip, Anonymous person!

Eddie Wong said...

such a nice place...i hope 1 day i can go there and enjoy.... feel free to visit my blog too. thanks

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