Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I want to...take up French again!

A couple of summers when I was younger, I think I was in High School then, I took up French lessons at Alliance Francaise de Manille. I was so fond of the language, the way the words rolled in your mouth and just the whole French package : culture, food, fashion, and the great city of love which ez zee Parrieeh (*Paris*)!

At that time, I even would write in my diary (handwritten then) in French. And I wrote one cool poem (at least in my opinion) in Frenglish as well! Hehe! I left my notebook of poems in Manila but I remember the title goes something like this : "..Memoirs de vous avec moi forever.." which translates ..Memories of you are with me forever.. One of those High School sappy lovestruck poems that I came up.

Really, I've been wanting to just be able to converse and express myself in French :) well enough to be be able to call some hotel in France (I often make hotel bookings for work) (I am a Travel Agent), and just be able to speak with the French hoteliers better. *but really I just want to study again*

Anyway, this year I told myself I would enrol in French classes again. Just to refresh myself with the French language and to continue learning as well. After all, one day I will be going to Paris. I still haven't come around in enrolling, especially now that my family will be visiting me next week for a month or so, coz I don't think I will have the time. So for the meantime, I will just satisfy French thirst by having some fries, and doing my online French lessons. C'est la vie!

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