Back from Mauritius (Photos)

Sharing a few of my hundreds of photos taken from my Mauritian experience.

I've had the opportunity stay at four different properties, but I inspected more than that number. It was quite a long, tiring week, but really it was full of new experiences that I will remember. Overall, I would say that Mauritians are a very nice bunch of people. Amidst the poverty that the country is in, they do try to make the most out of their lives. After all, their country is such a beautiful place to live in. On a number of occassions that I engaged in small talk with the locals, I would always tell them that they are lucky. Lucky to live in paradise. They would give me a sweet smile afterwards. A smile that is partly shy, partly boastful and everything in between. Really. They are lucky.


My Bug Life said…
I love all the photos! Thanks for sharing them..:D
erasmusa said…
i bet the stories behind the photos are interesting, too. kuwento naman diyan!
toni said…
Those are beautiful pictures! They belong in a travel book. They just jump out! :)
MyBugLife, Erasmusa, Toni: Thank YOU all for the nice comments :) Made my <3 smile... Will make kwento soon! :) Have a great great friday you three! Cheers!! - Marie
Cole said…
That second photo is lovely!

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