Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pride and(/or) Prejudice, the Movie

Don't we all have pride and prejudice issues?!?

I've been eyeing this movie for a while but have only got around to watching it a few days ago. (I had the CD with me for about three months now!)

I'm one of the few who never read Pride and Prejudice in High School. I know that was one of the choices for endless Book Reports in High School, but for some reason I was not really that much into classic love stories then. I always chose to review some other book.

I regret now that I have just watched this movie, or for that matter, that I have never read the book. I'm pretty sure the book might have been more romantic! Nevertheless I enjoyed the film. Keira Knightley belongs to a certain class of actresses. I am partial about her though. She is a good actress but sometimes just lacks a little bit of "it" for me. Maybe its because of the roles that she's given? Or must just be me and my preferences. But, in this movie she looked and acted great!
I love one particular scene when Mr Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen) and Elizabeth Bennett (Keira Knightley) exchanged witty statements about one being Proud and the other Prejudiced (I would say that both characters had a little bit of pride and prejudice in them). Such an engaging scene where I had to close my eyes to understand their heated play of words. Little did they know based on their first meeting that they would later on end up a couple.

A typical classic love story that had the ladies behave in a reserved manner, with of course the exception of a few pretty rebellious one/s. Truly a coming of age story for women who discovered real love. As much as the story had great male figures, I think the way that the film (or even the book) may have been presented, created rich and deep female characters.

Another angle of the story which kept me on my toes was about trying to keep track of the family tree. So many connections and relations among characters which just add to the whole seemingly simple but embracing story line.

Jane Austen's a great writer. Although I have not read the book, I tried to interpret the film as if I was reading the director's script. Watching the film as if I was reading someone's interpretation (or book report) on a great classic. Maybe one day I would read the book and come up with a new perspective. Meanwhile, I just really enjoyed it. So call me a classic girl... Overall, this film made me miss me three sisters..


TripTheLady said...

That is one of my favorite movies! I really enjoy reading your blog and visit almost daily ow. Nice writing!

Gorgeous Traveller said...

Hi tripthelady,

Thanks for the compliment :) made me smile. Feel free to visit whenever...

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