Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Move

Okay, we have moved yet again. My little girl is as old as the number of times we've moved. Hopefully this will be the last move for this year because it can get really tiring. To add to that, it is financially and physically draining! With the onset of winter, this is not the best place we've had - with cold floor tiles and no central heating, I am anticipating a cold winter! One good thing though with any move, is the fact that it is a chance to re-decorate and re-think the clutter that was building up at the old place. At our new place we have a number of bare walls that can serve as a canvas to put up some new pictures, or perhaps a custom poster. The big decision now is which custom poster to use (visit the site to view our choices). We have a number of photos accumulated over the years which we are thinking of having blown up to put on the wall as well. Ones that are special to us.

Since coming to our new house our little girl has done numerous crafts that I am also thinking of putting on her own art wall to showcase her lovely creations! If only I was even half as creative as she is - I think she takes after her creative dad! While obviously we are trying our best to make our new place "homey" I am holding back on going all out as I know we won't be staying put that long. Sadly that is one of the things that is inevitable and I'm trying to think of it as a good thing now as well as a challenge! I am hoping though that the next big one will be to Manila and so I am open to that idea happening any time between now and tomorrow (I can wish can't I?). If only!

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