Friday, March 7, 2008

Country Gem Hideaway

Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado
You can choose from 12 log cabins, warmly decorated with furnishings that are reminiscent of a real country style home. Activities:
Of course you've got a number of choices of hot springs you can soak up in, plus other activities such as skiing, ice skating, boxing, pilates and yoga, workout at the gym, indulge in their spa treatments, wine tasting and vineyard tours, hiking, biking, horsebackriding, rock climbing, fly fishing, kayaking, lessons on photography, archaelogy, visit their gorgeous library, watch at movie at the screening room, and so much more!

And you thought all you were to do was lie down and enjoy the scenery? Well of course that is the ultimate activity..

Meals are set at the long, antique table or brought to you picnic style when fishing or doing some other outdoor activity. Local or regional ingredients are used from the farm and vineyard.

2 Night Package Rates start from USD1300 to USD9900 per couple. Dunton Hot Springs is an all inclusive resort. Accommodation and meals are included in the rate, plus other activities depending on your package type.

Getting Here:
Dunton is accessible by driving in, or by air into the following airports Durango, Telluride, Cortez, Montrose. Dunton's staff will be glad to meet and greet you upon arrival at the airport, and take you to your sanctuary. Dunton Hot Springs is located at the San Juan Mountains and the Colorado Rockies.

This luxurious cabin lodging is a ski gem during winter and a refreshing getaway during other seasons. Where else can you find yourself immersed in your private soaking pool? Or, part of a township of a few guests where you've got your own library, movie room, chapel,etc. Plus, there's a glorious waterfall at the other end of town! You can even hire the whole town for your wedding for USD15,000 a day.

Whether you want to be one with nature without the frills, or you would just like to have a bit of a getaway, but still be reached by the outside world (they do have wireless broadband) then Dunton IS the place to be!

One day, this town I will visit! Wonder when?!

Plus Factor: Children are most welcome to visit Dunton together with their parents.
And, your Pets are invited as well!

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