Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I want to know how I rank

As a student I've always done pretty well (generally speaking). I can remember those long nights while still at university and those happy sunny days spent at the campus makes me smile, thinking about how fussed up my friends, my classmates and I have been over our grades. Comparing our grades amongst ourselves and keeping track of who did well at particular subjects so we know who to approach in times of trouble!

Recently I've discovered a new site, IZEArank which allows me to check my Real Rank. Real rank is an online tool that measures traffic and how much influence a blog has. IZEArank developed this relatively new site which allows me to browse through other blogs and see what my blog rank is in comparison to other sites. I can compare up to ten sites which is really cool. Whoever developed this tool's done me a big favour by making it easier to see my rank. The site is pretty simple and easy to use. All I need to do is join the IZEA network, install the code and a few other steps, and voila! It's fun to fiddle with and see detailed information on my blog traffic. What's good with this system is that they only make use of real and accurate statistics and would only compare authentic blog sites. What's I like about the site as well is that there is an option to keep my statistics hidden from the public, but why would I do that if I am pretty happy with my ranking?!

Browsing through the IZEArank website, they even have a link to the Top 100 blogs! This is another way to blog hop by looking at the most influential and best blogs available on the world wide web! These blogs wouldn't be there if their site was not interesting! I can't wait to see my very own site on their list!

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