Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meeting people

Nowadays reality television series are everywhere, at any time of the day or night. There is one particular show which I used to watch which showed Millionaire Men seeking for a serious life partner. I am wondering how that (would) actually work. I know in life there is no set rules as to where, or how one should hook up with a potential partner. I cannot even imagine myself going on a speed date of some sort so I cannot imagine going on a date with a complete stranger. I guess it works for some people. Will it work for you?

Surfing the internet

I have come across Top Websites which lists various sites and reviews about them. Such a handy tool for anyone into surfing the internet, gathering information through this world wide web. Nowadays WebSite Reviews are great source of subjective and objective information about particular sites. I for one browse around and do my research about websites. It can be time consuming, but for an internet user like myself, it is a break from the real world!

007 Book (James Bond)

I may not be the most ardent fan of the James Bond series, but finding out that there’s a book available which lists the locations that James Bond movies were filmed at sort of caught my attention. Martijn Mulder has compiled and created On The Tracks of 007, which comes in Black and White print (cheaper) and a Full Colour print (obviously more expensive – limited edition!). 007 enthusiasts would have access to the ladies man’s hotel lists, travel film stories, hundreds of photos, background information, etc.

Surely there are ways to enjoy the film aside from watching the reel!

Did you know that there exists already a Halong Bay tour where they’ve filmed one of the 007 movies? This is in Vietnam.

I am quite excited to see the upcoming 007 movie! Daniel Craig is such a hottie! :D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where is Sea Isle City?

Facing the Atlantic Ocean’s splendour lies a city which is part of New Jersey’s coast. Unknown to a lot of big city dwellers, Sea Isle City has got to offer one of the most relaxing weekends away. I have read that Sea Isle city has beachcombing activities and biking tours that I am sure I would love to check out if I find myself traipsing that part of the world with my boyfriend of course. A visit to the town’s historic museum is also something we might do. Where to stay should not be a problem as sea isle city rentals are plenty. City rentals sea isle has a range of luxury to budget accommodation that would appeal to different tourists: whether you and a partner seeks a nice quiet place, or a family of six that wants to be right in the middle of the happenings. Looking at possible places to dine at while visiting Sea Isle, one can choose from a variety of restaurants, lounges and bistros. Perhaps even just a quick phone call for pizza delivery for that lazy mode evening is quite appealing to me now. There are so many reasons for me to visit the United States soon. I have been getting so many invitation letters to come visit family and friends. One of my good friends would be leaving Manila this month to live in the East Coast of the US. She’s requiring me to see her if and when I go to the other side of the globe! Well, I told her we’ll have to wait and see!

Am I being cranky or does one’s patience level get shorter when they grow older?

Recently I’ve had a few run ins with a few people. I am normally one non-confrontational person as my friends could all attest to, but recently for some unknown reason I just am not putting up with things. Whether it may be some small or big issue. In a way, I am wondering, have I changed? Or, is it just the season? Or the pressure that I am in lately? That made me just not take it this time (or these times)? All these happened in about two weeks, and I have confronted about four persons each about different things.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

How annoying are these calls?

How many times do we get bugged by pranksters or annoying phone calls from telemarketers of some sort? I am glad to have come across this website that lists a number of phone numbers to watch out for. I am sure I am not alone in experiencing these time wasting calls. On the average I would get one call in six to eight weeks. I know that some of my colleagues and friends get them as well about this often. It can really get to you especially when they are those ones who insist that you talk them. Once, I hung up on this man who was pestering me to unsubscribe from this cable network when I told him that we don’t even have any cable network installed at home! As if he knew better than me about what I have and have not signed up for! I just really wish they would all stop. I know for some companies they think this is an effective method, but really they are just simply a waste of our and their time.

Raising bilingual kids

I am pretty proud about our eldest being able to speak my mother tongue (Filipino). As young as one year old we taught her to speak Tagalo...