Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Getting to know me. Complete the ...

All about moi . Tagged by Valerie :)

I AM… waiting for Easter!

I WANT… to go on a Gap Year! (A year doing nothing and everything!)

I HAVE… so many pending things to do. Look for an apartment. Pay bills. Look for accommodation for Gold Coast trip. Finish doing itinerary for family's AU trip. Upload pictures onto my Shutterfly account. Clean my flat. Do my Nails. Plan a party. Etc.

I WISH… I can have 3 more wishes that would really come true.

I HATE… Spideys! (To think AU is Spider country! I think I am at the wrong place)

I FEAR… Earthquakes! Promise. I sometimes think this will happen while I'm in the shower. Buti nalang walang earthquake in Sydney. But then again, the world's natural environment is messed up.. So I'm praying...)

I SEARCH… for an apartment to buy! This is not as easy as it sounds!

I WONDER... about the black hole :) Hihi

I REGRET… not having given someone the chance. But then again, things happen for a reason...

I LOVE… so many things at the moment! Hubby! Sydney! Travel! The weather now! Late night blogging!

I ALWAYS… am polite and poised. Even when I am annoyed and irritated at something/someone. I'm just like that by nature. I couldn't do otherwise even if I tried :D

I AM NOT… as stressed as I used to be. (So far)

I DANCE… with two left feet. And only when: I am alone or in a big big crowd!

I SING… and make up my own lyrics all the time!

I CRY… when I feel frustrated.

I WRITE… poems to express my thoughts and feelings

I WON… a kitchen showcase one time!! To think I didn't have my own place back then!

I AM CONFUSED… about too photo techie things. I just really like to point and shoot. But hey, I have an SLR now :) See how confused I am!?!

I NEED… to go out as much as I need to have my "me" time as well...

I SHOULD… try to exercise more often!

THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… trying to figure out what to wear to work, and then set my alarm for 7AM. (But I get up at 9!).

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