Sunday, December 18, 2016

Carols and Sounds

Watching the carols live (and hearing the horsie do its thing) brings alive the spirit of Christmas in an even more joyous experience! Tonight was a balmy one and so we ended up just watching the annual show at home. It was nonetheless still a spectacular one, enjoyed by every single one of us - even the little ones!

I remember back in Manila, groups of children would knock on people's houses to sing carols in exchange for coins. In one night, there would be a few groups knocking and singing behind our closed gates. I have at some point experienced this traditional carol singing - not so much knocking at houses, but more like scheduled house visits. Sometimes I wonder whether my kids will get to experience this tradition of carol singing or if they will just associate carols to singing on stage/ or singing at church. Hmm.

Saturday, December 17, 2016


I have always, always loved my sleep and think I cannot sleep enough. (Having said that tho, I like staying up late and typing away -- so quiet!).

Sometimes I wish I can do my thing during the day so I can manage to stay awake.Otherwise if I leave it too late, I end up just sleeping on it! Doesn't matter whatever it is. When I am sleepy, I sleep and drop everything.

Just like now, I am finding myself falling asleep on this keyboard!!!
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