Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Would you choose to visit a Museum or a Bar?

Scenario: You are on your last day in Copenhagen, and are with a group of about 15 people your age (and 4 of them you are actually good friends with). You are spending the last two hours with these people, and are to choose between: visiting a MUSEUM or hanging out at a BAR. Which would you choose?

Note: It won't be wise to do an hour at the museum and an hour at the bar. It's like having a taste chocolate without really having the chance to fully enjoy it. Either you do it or you don't.

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This happened to me about 8 years ago. We were doing a mini tour of Copenhagen. I chose to go to the Bar. Back then I was still trying to be cool and thought two hours at the museum would be a waste of my time. I thought to myself I'd rather have a few drinks with a few of my friends to catch up on each others' stories, rather than walking my tired feet for a couple of hours, looking and reading about some dead person's life story or looking through artifacts which don't mean anything to me.

Looking back at it now, I suppose at that time I would still have done the same thing. But if it happened to me now, at this point in my life I am interested in Museums. At least most museums. They speak of priceless stories and enrich you with the culture of the city like no one can tell. A Bar will give you a few laughs, but it can't buy you history you can see for yourself in a museum.

Having lived in Sydney for almost half a decade now, I've been to quite a few museums in town. I loved the Australian Museum, enjoyed the Powerhouse Museum and the Maritime Museum. I've travelled to Darwin and visited the Northern Territory Museum and Art Gallery, and found this quite a pretty attraction. It was right next to the beach! Overlooking the sea towards Asia! Overseas I've visited Singapore's Asian Civilisation Musem and found that good as well.

Have a look at Darwin's Museum Cafe's view (Cornucopia Cafe). This is enough for me to keep wanting to visit their museum (or cafe??)!


Traveller said...

I would go to the bar and hang out. Although that sounds like its something you can do anytime, it's not. When you're travelling the entire situation is different.

Besides, museums are meant to be enjoyed alone.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Museum ! Museum !!!
I guess I am old :-)

Gorgeous Traveller said...

Hi Traveller and Speedcat Hollydale,
:) I guess to each their own! Thanks for sharing your piece I appreciate it! Have a happy day!!

Seen This Scene That said...

I would agree with you that museums are great places to hang out once we reach a certain age. Museums broaden the mind, we learn new things and get to see the world through history.

Keep up your museum visits!

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