Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bali dreaming

Lately I have been receiving a million enquiries for travel to Bali – and I would say it is the flavour of the month, again. Just like last month, and the month before.

Finding a good website that will incorporate a list for Bali hotels and Kuta hotels is not the easiest, especially with a picky traveller. Many times I have tried to source an exclusive Bali villa direct with the hotel supplier. However, I wish there would be one which would have it all in one place (oh the joys of being a travel agent!).

I have never been to Bali (yet) however having sold it for years, I feel I know it like the back of my hand but of course nothing beats the real thing. I am still hoping one day I would get to visit this lovely island I have been booking for so long now. I don’t think it will happen soon though, perhaps when my little girl is old enough (and the hubby’s outgrown the fear of flying – if that is even possible!). For now, I will just keep selling and learning about the popular destination.

I do have some of my favourite villas, resorts and hotels that I sell when I can or when appropriate to the client. With Bali being an affordable destination, it is not hard to sell at all.

If only I had the moolah to do it, I would build my own resort (villa type) that will cater for the honeymooners, the family, friends outing, corporate clients, team building activities, the single one, the mature couple, and the everyone in between. The idea is to have a number of villas spread out, beach front of course, with a stylish new bar by the private beach. Two swimming pools will be constructed, one for the ‘little ones’ and the other for the ‘little once’. Majority of the villas will still have their own private lap pool and Jacuzzi, and there is a masseuse on site, as well as a private chef for hire. The beach will have a number of water activities and sports available for hire, and an in house tour desk is available of course. If only I can build this and then I will have a lot of reasons to visit Bali. How exciting it is even just to dream about this.

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