Thursday, March 13, 2008

Charming Nicaraguan beach resort

One day I am going on my world tour, and South America would definitely be on my itinerary. There are just so many places to visit that I am sure fitting all the places that I want to visit will cost me one year worth of holiday leaves from work!

One that is definitely on my list of places to visit is this one Nicaraguan beach hotel called La Posada Azul Beach. Looking through their website you would think that they are too simple and ordinary. But if you do more research you will find that they are one of the best San Juan del Sur hotels. The property is located just a stone's throw from the beach. And if you read through Tripadvisor visitors to this boutique Nicaragua bed and breakfast, one will surely realise that La Posada Azul charms its way to their guests senses. Having said this, one can never really be captivated by a place without experiencing it first hand. For me to be convinced, I should be able to truly see for myself what the hype is all about. By the looks and feel of the place though I know I have an inkling to want to stay at least a week in that paradise.

Getting to La Posada Azul Beach is quite easy. It is just 2 and a half hours from the capital city, Managua. When I go to Nicaragua, I think I may even ask one of my friends to meet up with me. He is currently stationed in Costa Rica, which borders south Nicaragua. I am sure he would be willing to take a break and share my Nicaraguan experience!

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