Saturday, September 24, 2016

She shed

I must have been living under the radar, as I have not come across the term "she shed" until today while watching this lifestyle show with my mum. And since watching the show I have been doing some pinning on lovely and cosy she sheds! How addicting can this get - checking out ideas for my very own 'woman cave'. I have a million and one ideas that surely would be over my future budget. But I can dream, and so that's free. I am thinking that aside from having my own nook, I can also invite some of the MusiciansFriends or my sisters to hangout when we need a break from our busy mum duties!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Yet to come

Patiently waiting, still, for the 'best times' as my fortune cookie read out many, many years ago (say, 5 years).

Sometimes life can throw out expectations (eg, the promise of better times). On the other hand, quotes such as these can also give hope to us dreamers.

One day when I am not too engrossed with waiting for the 'best times' is when I know that the 'best times' have arrived. I can't wait.

Oh, Adele!

Every once in a while I do go on this OCD of oggling at celebrities for a few days (and then it stops, hehe). It just is a way to unwind from my seemingly boring (but very busy) life. So the past few days have been about Adele! (haven't noticed if she had a pedalboard power supply or what) Her voice is amazingly phenomenal! There's something soothing about her voice and her songs. I am even listening to her songs as I write this entry! I am such a fan girl, hehe.

I actually even watched some interviews she gave, and she seems to be a nice and real down-to-earth person. Her life story being raised by a single mum in a working class suburb is inspiring too. She is an only child and watching her tell her story and her demeanor - it comes across how strong she is. She says that going on stage makes her nervous is unbelievable as during her interviews she looks very confident and candid.

Oh enough being a fan girl! I must get on to my other work!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Oh Fig!

I am in loooooovveee with Fig jam! I spread it on everything I can.... On buttered toast, chicken sandwich, meat pie, in salads... I even had it on rice a few times!

This is not healthy anymore!! So I have to make it healthy! I really want to be able to make my own fig jam at home, so I know what goes in it. Then, I could also make my own tomato chutney, beetroot relish, caramelised onion relish... the list could go on!

Going back to figs... I have seen them being sold on the side of the road along Dural. I should source my figs from there. Hmmm, or buy my ready made fig jam from there?

Taste's recipe sounds do-able as seen here and below:
Photo from



Place ingredients in a bowl, cover and stand overnight at room temperature. Transfer to a pan over low heat and stir to dissolve sugar. Bring to the boil, then cook over very low heat, stirring regularly, for 45 minutes or until thick and sticky. Mash figs gently with a fork or masher to break up a little.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gourmet Me

Super glad that I have been a bit more adventurous with my "sauces" the past couple of years. Thanks to my mother dear! She's always been the gourmet one in the family - the original one - my other sister has followed suit earlier on! .... Rockmelon wrapped with prosciutto, cheese drizzled with honey, and many more!

Last year when my parents visited Sydney, we went to the Orange Blossom Festival in the Hills District and there my mum bought this super yummy Raspberry Orange Caramelised Balsamic vinegar from the stall by Your Inspiration at Home. Since then I have been trying out more of the exotic salad dressings and every now and then I even try concocting my own! One of these days I must order a few of their other delish products!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Understanding and Speaking

On separate occasions this week, I have had numerous unconnected conversations with friends about raising bilingual children. These are conversations I had with Filipino friends who are living overseas and have young children.

My eldest, B, has been coming out of her shell in terms of speaking Filipino - albeit, with a soft accent. In the beginning when she was younger she could understand my native language but she would deliberately respond back in English whenever I ask questions in Filipino. I persisted in getting her to talk back in Filipino and after a number of years, I don't need to prod her on this. She voluntarily speaks in Filipino. She is good at switching back and forth between English and Filipino. I am a proud mum. Ok, credits to dear husband too, who's played a part in all these.

I should talk about this topic again when I have my useful tips prepared. For now, I am signing off from the online world!

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Change vs. Priority

Lately I have been feeling the 'need' to try and venture out of my comfort zone. I have been in the travel industry for more than 15 years now and I just want to explore my other interests. And by explore I mean dabble in something that would be income generating as well.

Although with our youngest still very young - I am struggling with finding time for myself, what more learn a new skill or get into a new industry. Sigh. Most days I feel this, but I know I really should get my priorities straight and focus on what is important now. Obviously it is taking care of the new little one.

I would like to dream though. Sometimes I imagine five years forward, when I would be back into building my career and having time for myself. Seems so far away from now.... Although, I know in a year's time will fly by fast. Just how it had with our now 6 year old. Beginning was slow, and then it just went turbo fast.