Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Cheers

As early as now, I have been dropping hints and telling hubby that we should go on a family holiday next year! I would prefer to travel during Christmas, so we could visit family back home in time for the festivities. I have asked him though to save enough money so we could also go visit another city and stay in a nice hotel such as The Palace Hotel. Little does he know that I have a few cities in mind to visit! The Palace Hotel Manchester would be quite a nice property to stay at, and it would give us a chance to experience white Christmas there as well. I would have to do a bit more research whether The Palace is kid friendly and whether there are activities for children in Manchester. I suppose as a family, we would enjoy any activity for as long as we are on a holiday together! I can’t wait!

So far still baking

Am on my 37th week, and baby is still baking. So far. I really hope baby stays in for another 2 weeks. There are still a few things that I have to do. And, buying time now is really good. Well, not for too long.

I've been staying home most of the time the past few weeks, and as much as I would love to still be going around I really need to fix the house in preparation for bub. I really try to be not lazy, but it is a big effort! Oftentimes I am just a lazy potato couch, but sometimes moving around can be quite painful! Even walking up and down the flight of steps in the apartment can be a chore for me. To think this coming New Year's Eve, we are expecting a few guests to view the Harbour Bridge's fireworks from our place!! Hmm! I guess I will have to manage, and prepare easy meals. I have an excuse. A valid one!

Lately I really appreciate hubby helping me out with a lot of the house work. I haven't done the laundry for the past six months, never cleaned the bathroom, never really vacuumed our carpet. He does all that plus helps out with the dishes every so often. I just can't expect him to have anything to do with food preparation. He just eats whatever I prepare. Which is fine with me. That leaves me to be a bit useful around here. Even just in that aspect. Well, of course I've got a bun baking in me which is really a big job.

I also get to appreciate online grocery shopping nowadays. Most of my big bulk grocery needs are ordered online. They are usually quite efficient, and the only thing that annoys me is having to wait. Wait for the delivery that is. I suppose that isn't too bad really. I order it 24 hours in advance and get it pretty much the following day at the time I want it to arrive the apartment. I cannot complain, really, no carrying heavy bags, no cashier queues, etc.

Another few weeks and I will be a mum. Such an exciting time! Also, quite nervous about the whole thing. Imagine having to think of only myself (and hubby) for the past 30 years, and now we will be responsible for another life. I cannot fully comprehend it yet, but I am looking forward to it. I have my questions about whether we will be good parents, or whether I am able to care for such a fragile being.. But I guess it will all just fall into place.. Parents instinct..

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