Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another sunny afternoon at Bradfield Park

We have only about two weeks left of summer and officially we will be into Autumn at the beginning of April. So for the next couple of weeks we will be taking advantage of the warm weekend days by lazing around in the park. Whichever park that is somewhere in Sydney.

Last Saturday we went to Bradfield Park which is set under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Great views of the City skyline and the Sydney Opera House. Great day with our mat again, and a real estate magazine. Had chips again and soda. The usual company. Perfect.

There was some Jet Boat race going on at the Harbour which added to the spectacular view! Ever since I came to Sydney, Bradfield Park in Milson's Point has always had a special place in me. Every single one of my visitors I take here. And they all love it. Good memories of their holiday in the city. My picture says it all. It's really a fabulous place to go on a lazy picnic mode.

(Photo taken only from my Mobile so it doesn't do much justice to the view)


Stefan said...

I absolutely love that part of the city. Nice pic!

Gorgeoustraveller said...

Hi Stefan,
:) Thanks for the complement! I love love sharing photos of the beautiful city!

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