Questions and Wants

There are a few things that’s been running in my mind the past few days. A lot of it involves money, my time, and my future. In a world where everything seems so uncertain, I am trying to juggle my priorities in order to achieve a balance of life. So many questions asked and there’s just not enough time to think about all of them, or come up with an answer: should I just go and do part time work so I can focus on my research about travel agency business? When my boyfriend and I get married, will it work if we have separate savings accounts or a joint account? Should I go to Manila and spend one or two months on a business and leisure trip? Or, should I just not go? Should I go on my solo trip?

I guess I am just feeling that life at the moment is going too fast. So fast that I just want time to breathe, and enjoy the moment. After all, I am not getting any younger. I would like to be able to do things that I want to do, such as jogging in the morning at the park, study my finances, come up with a weekly healthy food plan, go to the parlor and spa to do my hair and have a massage, hear mass every day if I can, etc. There are just too many activities that I would love to do. But I can’t or I won’t. One day, I hope I get around doing all these and more.


mom811 said…
Thanks for "always" (at least more than less hehehe)dropping by my site...

Oh, this "hear mass every day if I can" is truly enriching, both spiritually all aspects (..."and everything shall be added unto you.") Mentioning this in your blog, you must be a believer. Struggle on! unto our real home...we are together :).

God bless you!
jane said…
you may want to try having separate accounts with your husband. It has worked for us and we've been married for 18 years already.

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