Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Mauritian Creole Chicken

I dont think I've posted this one here! But I've been meaning to!

A few weeks ago I was craving this Mauritian Creole Chicken that I was served during my trip to Mauritius. I was not sure how they make it (like really make it), but I was able to satisfy my craving using my OWN tastebud's version. It turned out pretty well. To think I am not usually good with cooking up something out of nothing. My boyfriend loved it as well! :) Yipee! Here is a quick roundup of what I did:

Stuff needed:
Oil, (sliced), onions, sugar, chicken breast fillet, roast chicken spices, (diced) tomatoes, pepper, and any other spice that suits ones taste.

The process:
Heat oil in a pan, caramelise onion by adding bit of sugar. Fry until golden brownish. Set aside or just keep them on the sides of the pan. Add the chicken, fry until golden. Sprinkle the spices onto the chicken (both sides). Add tomatoes just enough to create texture, but not overpowering the chicken. Mix together until tomato juice gets onto the chicken bits.

Voila! Serve while hot, together with rice.
I did not take a photo of my ensemble, but it should look something like this:

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