Saturday, July 26, 2008

Diet and the struggle to live healthy

I am constantly on a diet, just like the rest of the female species of this world. I suppose it’s the way that society is portrayed in the movies, in magazines, on television, etc. They say that there are changes happening and that the media now shows a lot more healthy women out there. I suppose in a way that’s true. We are not all born to have size 24 waistlines, and really sometimes our body frames are not built for this. I have never been really obese or anything close to that, but I was never really skinny ever as well. I am in between, and I try to keep it that way. Age is not really cooperating though, and my boyfriend just keeps reminding me that no amount of unhealthy diet can change that, and that exercise is the real solution.

Having said those, I know a few people who resort to taking diet pills. My sisters even have tried them. I have not. It is a preference I guess, and whether one believes that these pills work is another thing. The real deal then really is to strive to live a healthy lifestyle. There are moments that we just need to indulge in happy food, but there should be more times that we should watch what we eat. Body shape is just that exact words body and shape, but healthiness is not measured by one’s dress size.

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