Thursday, July 17, 2008

Coping with the J word

Everyone copes differently, but one way or another everyone feels this. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first time traveler. The only difference is probably, the frequent traveler is more aware of what’s happening. Here are a few tips to overcome or prepare for an anticipated travel plan. Some may work for you, and some may not. I know I just really need at least 6 hours sleep upon landing in my destination to adjust. And, upon arriving home I need at least 24 hours sleep and rest to recover. Here’s my way of coping with jetlag.

Prior Departure
- Pre-Plan your activities wisely at your destination. Allow rest time.
- Don’t plan a big night on the eve of your flight. A good night's rest is always advisable.
- Take fruits and vitamins prior, you will need all the extra nutrients to combat getting sick in transit.
- Take a long, warm shower prior leaving your house to ease tension and lower one’s stress level.
- Avoid too much sugar, caffeine, nicotine as these just add to one’s stress.

Onboard Flight
- Constantly drink water to hydrate yourself.
- Move about the cabin. Try to do mini stretches (in the loo or along the aisle) every hour or two.
- Set your watch to your destination’s time.
- Eat right onboard. Take light meals and snacks. Disrupting your body’s eating habit onboard will make one prone to upset stomach, stress and headaches.Get some rest. Sleep with your eye mask, request for a neck pillow. Or, if possible take a day flight. It makes one feel less tired upon reaching one’s destination.

Upon Arrival
- Set some time to have your body adjust to the climate, time zone, atmosphere of the local area.
- Warm baths ease the tension built up in flight.
- Do some stretching, or take a walk. This helps your body circulation.
- Re-hydrate. Take lots of water.
- Put on aromatherapy to calm nerves and ease tension.

(Image from Qantas' aircraft interior)

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