Yellow Water Billabong Cruise, NT

Went on the Yellow Water Billabong Cruise at Kakadu, Northern Territory. It was one great experience that I truly enjoyed. One with nature. It is photographer's paradise as well (if you have the proper equipment of course). So much wildlife to be seen. We were able to catch a peek at salties (saltwater crocodile), a number of birds, etc. It is something not to be missed when one has the opportunity to visit Kakadu National Park.

The scenery throughout the cruise is just endless wetlands such as the photo/s below.

Ducks were plenty as well... And of course they come in a group, or pairs... Rarely seen alone..

If you have a closer look at the bird below. It is kneeling. But with it's knees turned the other way around!
Can you guess what animal it is that's partly showing itself below? (A croc!)


Wonderful photographs...
My Bug Life said…
Lovely photos! Kakadu National Park's one of the places I wanna visit sometime in the future.

I spent 2 years in Adelaide during my undergrad years..:D I have visited most parts of Australia except Tasmania, Northern and Western parts of Australia.
Hi Azure, thanks :) :)

Hi MyBugLife, thanks too! You should try to visit Kakadu.. it is just so breathtaking...

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