Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wanting to spend time with family

Okay, everyone is getting older. I spoke with my parents last week and told them that I was wanting to spend more time with them. Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on too many family gatherings and celebrations by being too far away. I went on and telling dad that it was not really very enriching personally, if I don’t consider traveling to Manila every so often just to spend time with them. I told him it would have been good if one of my siblings decided to live here as well. Dad said him and mom were both willing, in case I get to work on and process their resident visas. I asked him how mom was doing, and whether my other siblings were doing anything to provide her with Menopause Symptom Relief, you know at their age this is a big thing. Dad said mom was coping pretty well. That’s a relief to hear. Although he said that every so often mom gets hot flashes and gets really moody as well. Aside from that though everything is normal. I wonder if when my time comes I would feel the same discomfort? I hope not. Oh well, time will tell. Meanwhile, I am still a bit homesick.

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