Friday, July 25, 2008

A hole in the plane

Have you heard about Qantas' emergency landing today, in Manila? It's one of the scariest experience that one could experience flying on a 'holed' aircraft.

The flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne, heard a big bang midway after taking off from Hong Kong, and have experienced decompression in the cabin. Apparently the reason for this was the hole in the aircraft, exposing a bit of the baggage, with a gush of air entering the cabin. The aircraft plunged about 20,000 metres after the said bang. The cabin crew were able to control the situation and it was reported that every passenger remained calm. Based on interviews of passengers, one mentioned that she did not feel that the crew were not in control, and so this obviously helped people to remain calm and not panic. Although the situation posed a bit of concern, as it could have potentially knocked unconscious the passengers onboard. Luckily, none of the passengers or crew were injured and the plane was able to urgently and safely land into Manila International airport.

Qantas is still undergoing investigations regarding this incident. One can read more about this here.

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