Sunday, July 6, 2008

Darwin Travel Photo

Last year I went to Darwin to meet up with my parents. It was a very quick trip. Tiring. But really very interesting. I got to see a different part to Australia.

Darwin is the biggest city in the Northern Territory, in Australia. Darwin had none of the big cities' stress, none of the cold weather, and none of the busy-ness that yuppies busy themselves with. It was a real outback encounter for me. Initially I said I didn't like Darwin. It was so humid and hot, had a lot of insects and crawlies, and it did not have a big city! I am a self proclaimed city girl. Now, looking back at my Darwin trip, I can say the city has its charm. It takes a while to appreciate the city. It is a safe haven though for city-burnt-out kids like myself.

I would go back to Darwin one day, if not only for the captures below. I will post the photos in trickles though.

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