Monday, July 21, 2008

Earning points

There are different mediums to booking a holiday. Nowadays it is quite usual for people to be into earning points to claim a holiday, whether it was a full package or just bits of the holiday. Buena_viva is a vacation international points club based in Exeter, England that offers this type of service. Buena-viva offers a number of resorts available to be booked, if one had enough points. I had a look at their rewards points system and this is quite achievable in a short period.

I for one, have always been a fan of rewards programs, whether it was with an airline, or a hotel. I make sure that each time I book with these preferred suppliers I get my points. I suppose being in the travel industry can do this. I appreciate the way the programmes are run. In a way it can speak about loyalty to a brand, among other things. Having moved to Sydney, I’ve increased my rewards program membership. I am now also a member of supermarket chains’ membership program. I try to keep my memberships in a controllable number so I can earn points quickly. So far so good. I have earned a few nights hotel accommodation which I am looking at using soon!

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