Sunday, July 13, 2008

Before I get married/Start a family

I had this conversation today with my boyfriend. I told him I was thinking of traveling alone overseas before we get married. He felt a bit bad about me wanting or even thinking of traveling alone, meaning, without him. I tried to send my message across that it was something I have just been wanting to do. It does take a lot of courage, planning and money involved, but the world is very much a safer place to travel alone. A female solo traveler is not as frowned upon as days before. It’s not like I won’t tell him where I will be all the time. I don’t intend to travel to rural areas. Just major cities/city. Today, when we were out with a girl friend of mine, she mentioned she also wanted to do this. I told boyfriend this is really one of those things that some ladies aspire for. I think it’s not for everyone though. But I am glad I have come across another lady blogger who feels the same way! :)


erasmusa said...

i've had some weird moments abroad on my own, but any woman with common sense would be fine in a city. i hope you make the trip!

Big Eyed Gal said...

Count me in! I want to do that too. I would like to explore, get lost and absorb every bit of stimulation to my 5 senses. :-)

Durbanbay said...

I guess it depends on where you go. Many parts of the world (especially places like Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand) would be very safe for solo female travellers. Some places (like South Africa) are dangerous even for men. Also, don't write off rural areas. Many of the rural areas we visited in China I felt were safer than the cities like Shenzhen. Although the transport was a bit dodgy (buses riding on the edge of the mountain road) but that is a risk for all.

Travelling is good. Go for it. Good Luck.

Iris said...

I think this is really Good Idea because once you get married your priorities of life change especially when you get kids and it's going to take long again for you to do something for yourself. I didn't say that when you are already married you forget everything about yourself but it's all about kids and husband and house no matter what.

You go girl! :D

Jenn said...

I hope your boyfriend would understand it, after all, when the two of you get married, you will be traveling together.

Chris said...

Oh you should totally go for it! If your B/F really cares about you, he will let you spread your wings and fly alone for a while. Us women dont need men around ALL the time! You Go Girl !

Justin said...

I think this is something a lit of people wish to do in their lifetime. I am a guy, but I still am thinking about traveling overseas by myself.

I think the escape from your normal friends and security is what makes it so appealing. If you traveled with your close friends/boyfriend, it just feels like another vacation.

Going by yourself forces you to go out by yourself and meet new people.

Gorgeous Traveller said...

Erasmusa: I'm sure you've got nice interesting stories travelling alone! Idol! :) hehe! I've actually told him I am seriously thinking about this.

Val: You're getting married na soon! Do it NOW :) Hihi. Kunsintidor. But I agree. Part of me wants to get lost (not too lost), and find my way eventually.

Durbanbay: Thanks for the tip/s. I was thinking the lines of Asia (Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo) Nothing definite. Will keep my blog posted on this.

Iris: I can't agree more with you! Thanks Girl! :)

Jenn: Yup, so true.. Thanks for dropping by.. Love your Vigan pics :)

Justin: Vacation VS. Lone Adventure. My BF is a bit apprehensive about that "going out of my way to meet other people" bit. Hehe. Oh well... :) You should go on that solo trip too!

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