Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fancy eating in a toilet restaurant?

Everyone's entitled to their own preference. I would probably be more inclined to try a more "traditional" themed restaurant. But with all the new concepts and themed restaurants emerging, sooner rather than later this was bound to happen. If you are wanting to try the novelty of all novelties, then this is on your list.

The first of its kind, toilet restaurant called Marton (Chinese for the word toilet), is located in Taiwan's major city, Kaoshiung.

The restaurant decors are pretty much what one would find in a toilet (or bathroom). The guests are seated in toilet seats, the walls are in bathroom blue tiles, dishes are served in miniature toilet "bowls", urinals, tubs, etc. They serve dessert (chocolate mousse like) in a mini "dump" shape.
If you're feeling a bit 'crappy' and want a bit of amusement, AND happen to be in Taiwan, then this place may cheer you up. And then again, if you are not up for it, I am sure there are other restaurants available in the city!

I personally would probably have a quick peek into the resto if I happen to be in that town. Just to see that it is real, and that people actually have their meals inside this toilet restaurant. Interesting!

Photos taken from:

Toilet Bowl Taipei Metro, Hsinpu Station, Exit 1 (02) 8253-7767


toni said...

Eek! It looks interesting but I can't stomach it. Haha! If the food's good I'll eat with my eyes closed. :D

Anonymous said...

I saw this on Discovery. The ice cream don't look yummy on the toilet-like serving dish...:)

LadyBanana said...

That is very very off-putting. I wouldn't want to eat in there!

Connie said...

I was OK with the restaurant until I saw the ice cream. That got me sick to my stomach. It's funny but there's no way that I could eat that.

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