Monday, February 18, 2008

Unconventional places to get married

For people who are not traditional, looking for alternative venues to hold their dream wedding can be a challenge. Unless you'd want to settle for your own backyard, or your community hall, there are a few other places that you one can choose from. Some more costly than the others, but nevertheless, still would give you a day to remember. Here are some places you may consider...Or, maybe just have a good read at how amazing or unique the locations are.

1. Disney World Wedding in Florida
A lot of young at heart couples have tied the knot in sunny Florida. Imagine having to dress up as a Disney character for your own wedding! Interesting! And definitely a fun wedding!

2. Two Lovers Point in Guam

Imagine being on top of a 400 foot cliff which drops onto the ocean, overlooking the Philippine Sea and Tumon Bay. What a magnificent sight! What more if you have a sunset wedding.. Fantastic!

Are you both history buffs? Or just really want something memorable that will go down 'history'. Having your wedding in one of London's great architecture will surely create wonderful photos and lasting memories. I am sure this will be a wedding your guests will not forget. History wont.

4. Tower Bridge in London

Another spot in London where you can create nice wedding memories is having it at this popular tourist spot. This venue can accommodate up to 250 guests! Which is not bad at all!

5. Absolut Icebar in London

This is probably one of the most unique spots to get married in, in London. Rug it up in your warmies while saying your I Do's. Have your reception at Belowzero restaurant, and I am sure your guests will have very warm memories of your big day.

An unforgettable experience for the couple who would like to remember the most adventurous day of their married life. You can experience this at Palm Cove, Queensland, Australia or Thalassa Dive center in Manado or some other place which offer this unique wedding experience.

However way or wherever you are tying the know. You can be as creative and as bizarre a wedding idea as possible. Just always remember the real reason for getting married : which is to commit to loving your partner through good and bad times, forever. So, enjoy planning and have fun on your wedding day!

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Speedcat Hollydale said...

Now these are some VERY interesting ideas. My Uncle was stationed in Guam for a year in the military. That was the last I heard of it!

Cool post :)

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