Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sweet Things lovers do

What are some of the sweetest things that someone's ever done to you? Or you've done for someone? Or someone you know?

Here are a few sweet things I've done, been done to me, or I know has been done by someone out there...

.. a friend delivered sweet somethings (flowers, cake and balloons) to the workplace of a lady love, with matching love note. A few minutes after, the man calls her workplace and says he loves and misses her. (P.S. He's just left the country a few days ago and gone overseas)..

.. she surprised him one night (just before midnight).. they were talking on the phone and she told him to come outside their house gate because there was a surprise waiting. He was in his jammies and she brought his favorite ice cream. They ate til way past midnight. It was something he could never forget..

.. she was so in love with him enough to actually go over the fence to meet up with him one sweet night. He never found out about him, but if he did surely it would have been one of the sweetest and memorable thing someone would have done for love of him..

.. he drove about 50 kilometres from where he was stationed in the province to meet up with her one night. He wanted so much to show the beautiful province he was staying at the she picked her up and took her to province 50 kilometres back. Stayed in the province for about an hour, took her back home 50 kilometres away, then headed back to his station 50 kilometres away. Wonder how long that took him? Let's just say it was a very very long drive. He got home around 4 AM. And reckons it was worth every kilometre's drive just to be with her for one night..

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