One week to go before our Central Coast escapade!

I've been looking forward to going away again for the weekend and spending hard earned moolah! And, finally! Hubby and I are travelling up north to the Central Coast (in New South Wales) on Valentine's Day! :) Yahoo! I've never been to Port Stephens and so this is making me very excited!

Port Stephens is approximately 200kms north of Sydney, either 2 1/2 hours car ride, or 2hours train ride to Newcastle Train Station and an hour coach ride to the township of Shoal Bay. We might as well call it a piece of heaven on NSW.

After looking at so many accommodation options, such as B & B's, Beachfront Holiday parks, camping grounds *yes! i know, I actually wanted to try this, but (un)fortunately the one at Gosford called Glenworth Valley was closed for the period in February :( . . We finally ended up with a booking in a luxury apartment at Shoal Bay Resort at Port Stephens! And to top that whole resort feeling, we are billeted in a beachfront one bedroom overlooking the beach/bay! Isn't that alone something to be excited about?? I am praying for sunny skies and cool weather, so we can do kayaking, biking, bushwalking, toboganning and 4WD-ing on the sand dunes and that dolphin cruise! Wow! To think we are just spending three full days!
Out of excitement, I must have called the Resort about thrice today! Just making sure that all is set and perfect... Here I go again, me and my itchy travel agent hands... Well, its free to dream and be excited!


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