Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

Above photos were taken from my previous trip to Singapore, one at Temple Street, and the other of a Chinese Temple. This Chinese New Year made me think about the influences that their culture brought to us non-Chinese people. A lot. How can one live without the Chinese food (take away). Or even Tikoy (some Chinese new year sticky rice pudding), Mooncakes, Hopia, Noodles, Siopao, Dimsim, and their Chinese herbal remedies! Each major city would have a Chinatown of some sort. I can name quite a number of cities which do : Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Nagasaki, Vancouver, Manila, and even Dubai! Chinese art seen through their paintings and temples are some fine artwork! Chinese Tradition are notable as well, passing on from age to age : Giving out red Ang Paos on Chinese New Year, wearing red for good luck, displaying round objects/fruits for abundance and wealth, Red Dragon dances...
So many more Chinese influences to name, as the world becomes more globalised. Cheers to the Year of the Rat! Kung Hei Fat Choi!


Caramel Corn said...

gong xi fa cai..i added both yr blogs on my blog list..

kbguy said...

wow ! nice write up from someone who is not chinese. btw,where did you learn about all the names ?

Gorgeous Traveller said...

Hi Caramel Corn,
Thanks for that! I've added you to my site as well! :)

Hi KB guy,
I come from Manila, and we do have lots of Chinese influences and Chinese people living in my country. I grew up having Tikoy during countless Chinese new years, visiting Chinatown to buy Hopia Eng Bee Ten, and so many other mainly Chinese food! :)
Thanks for dropping by my site!

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