Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Accommodation in Riga, Latvia

Planning a trip doesn't have to be stressful. Sometimes I find myself frustrated in doing countless research, sleepless nights, trying to find a website that will lead me to the one place where I can extensively search on accommodation.

In June 2009 I am planning to travel to Europe. Being the travel agent that I am, I prefer to consolidate and arrange my own tours and accommodation. I intend to research each and every city that I will be visiting. I am starting off my research with the Baltic Sea area. The Baltic states have always interested me from the time I saw an informational video featuring Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

The first city I am intending to visit is Riga, the capital city of Latvia. At that time of the year (June), it will be towards summer in Europe. And summer in Riga, like most destinations during peak period, accommodation is scarce. Moreso, reasonably priced, comfortable and perfect accommodation. I am not limiting myself to staying at hotels, and actually looking at staying in apartments when I travel to Riga. In my research, I have stumbled upon a fantastic website that offers the best apartments for rent in Riga. This was such a good website as it's menu was pretty straightforward. It had options to click to view : Apartments or Hotels and even an option to view Activities in Riga, Special Offers, Services, Terms and Conditions, Payments, Partners and References. How exciting!

Looking for an apartment in Riga has never been easier. I've clicked on the link on Apartments, and its given me a list of apartments that they have contracts with. It's got pictures, descriptions, rates, and even the location plotted on a map! If you're like me, wanting to visualise an accommodation beforehand, these pictures can allow your imaginationg to soar as if you were actually already in Riga! The map is very handy if you wanted to know where exactly the apartment is situated. I am not quite sure if I will stay just for one night, or longer, but thats okay as I've read on the website that they cater to short or long term rentals. So, if you are looking for Riga apartments for rent, visit . I have to get back to my research. Ciao!

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