Monday, February 25, 2008

More pics from yesterday's Royalty Ships in Sydney

Just a few more photos from yesterday's event in Sydney. Thousands of people flocked to watch the Royalties meet at Sydney Harbour. It was one of those things that happen once in a while. In this case, its the last time that QE2 (Cunard's Queen Elizabeth 2) to visit Sydney. It was a pretty sight having the two ladies swim past Fort Denison.

I was situated near Mrs Macquaries Chair. Some people were standing on the rocks, trying to take photos. And I was one of them. Well, it gave us a good view of the ships. The crowd had toddlers, infants, and even grandmas and grandpas!



Stefan said...

Nice shots. I tried to make it down there, but alas, the traffic, weather, crowds, and my laziness kept me from making it in.

Gorgeous Traveller said...

Hi Stefan,

It was quite a pretty sight, really complements the pretty harbour that Sydneysiders are blessed with. You should have come! Oh well.. there will be other ships. Not the QE2 though. But QVictoria would be back am sure.. Ciao!

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