Friday, February 22, 2008

Pay Per Post has welcomed me!

I've finally joined Pay Per Post's bandwagon of Paidblogging! It was a normal day, when suddenly I received an email saying my blog's been approved. Finally! It's actually been a while that I've waited to be part of the Pay Per Post family. Early on, I have been looking around sites where i can make money and based on my research, Pay Per Post is one of the really good paidblogging sites. In all the blogs that I have been bloghopping to, I've heard only good stories about how well Pay Per Post takes care of their bloggies.

Surfing through PPP's site, I can see a lot of market opportunities out there that I can't wait to have access to. Browsing through the site, I found out that they have a limit to posting 3 opportunities a day. I think this is a good regulation to keep a balanced and healthy blog. Just goes to show with anything in life, that balance is always good. Too much of something is never beneficial. I even like the interface of how their site looks like. So user friendly!

With this exciting new door that PPP has opened, I can't wait to plan more holidays! Surely the earnings I get from this will not go to waste!

Oh and one thing I've noticed about Pay Per Post Posties, is that they're all happy to be part of PPP. I am looking forward to being one happy Postie!

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