Tuesday, February 5, 2008

THE IN THING : Are you into Paid Blogging??

Everyday new ideas crop up. Either you're into it, or not? If you are heavily into blogging, one way or another you must have come across paid blogging or blog advertising. And must have heard, one way or another about Smorty.

Smorty is a channel that allows an advertiser to connect with a blogger, by paying the blogger to write up an informative/opinionated/or some kind of article or an entry about whatever product, service, destination (etc) they have to offer. In other words, the bloggers get paid for blogging . By signing up to Smorty, the paid blog job opportunities are made available to you and then it is up to you whether you are in or out! I have taken a few things in, and I am glad that I have. Life will never be the same...

Where else can you earn by actually writing about what interests you? You select your topics/subjects, and you can maintain more than one blog. If you wish to find out about more of Smorty's service, I can't tell you enough. It's really up to you to visit them and find out yourself.

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