Friday, February 8, 2008

Better to care than not

Everyone, at one point or another has cared for a loved one. Be it a sibling, a parent, a friend, or even a spouse. Bettercaring is a site that opens a wealth of information about caring in general. It's layout is done quite straightforward, very user friendly, so that you may navigate the site and find information straight away.

The site is divided into search, discussion, reviews, comments, news, tips, real stories and health matters. One can search about nursing homes , join the discussion about dementia, comment or ask a question to a fellow carer, browse through reviews on the best retirement facilities within your neighbourhood, or read through the latest statistics on elderly care. With the internet frenzy, all these information readily available help one to become a better carer, a better family member or friend.

One of the fears I have about entering into a nursing home in my retirment age, is that I might lose touch with the outside world. Browsing through the Bettercaring forum, I've read people discussing about that same fear. One lady mentioned in the discussion that nursing homes are actually a fun place to grow old in as there are social circles and numerous activities for the residents. This made my fear go away, and so the nursing homes are not bad after all!

In any case, bettercaring's only aim is to be of service to caring people like you, and like me. What a wonderful world if everyone cared as much! I know I will use this one day, and for sure I would recommend this to other caring people out there.

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